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金 淼1, 赵永辉1, 吴健生2, 谢雄耀3,2(1.同济大学海洋与地球科学学院,上海 200092;2.同济大学地下建筑与工程系,上海 20009;3.同济大学海洋与地球科学学院,上海 20009)

摘 要
Gradient Method to Extract ROI of GPR Image

JIN Miao1, ZHAO Yonghui1, WU Jiansheng2, XIE Xiongyao3,2(1.School of Ocean & Earth Sciences,Tongji University,Shanghai 200092;2.Department of Geotechnical Engineering,Tongji University,Shanghai 20009;3.School of Ocean & Earth Sciences,Tongji University,Shanghai 20009)

The hyperbolic echo feature in Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) image is one of the most important basis for pipelines recognition.According to the GPR image’s wavelet spectrum information,this paper presents a new ROI extraction method based on GPR gradient image.First for highlighting the hyperbolic echo regions and suppressing the background region in GPR image better,we revise the differential parameter of obtaining the GPR gradient image.Then we use the histogram to get the threshold value for the binarization process to the gradient image.After the binary gradient image is expanded,the connected region detecting algorithm is selected for region division.At last,small area regions are eliminated as clutter regions.Then the hyperbolic echo regions are extracted from GPR image.This new ROI extraction method has high calculate speed and accuracy,and is easy to be realized in actual detection analysis.