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杨 胜1, 李 敏1, 彭振国2, 冯 春3(1.湖南大学计算机与通信学院,长沙 410082;2.郴州市国土资源局,郴州 423000;3.中国资源卫星应用中心, 北京 100073)

摘 要
A Novel Multi-band Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Algorithm

YANG Sheng1, LI Min1, PENG Zhenguo2, FENG Chun3(1.School of Computer and Communication,Hunan University,Changsha 410082;2.Chenzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources,Chenzhou 423000;3.China Centre for Resources Satellite Data & Application,Beijing 100073)

With the development of remote sensing technology,using the remote sensing images for monitoring land and resources has become a hotspot.Image difference and post-classification analysis are two normal change detection methods.However,there are many disadvantages in these methods.A novel remote sensing image change detection algorithm based on Fuzzy C-Means is presented.The improved FCM algorithm is employed to classify remote sensing image.Then a multi-band integration change mask method is employed to execute change detection.Experiments show that the method is effective,and improves the veracity of change detection.The change detection results can offer an important reference for land and resources survey.