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About the Journal

Journal of image and Graphics(JIG) is a peer-reviewed monthly periodical, JIG is an open forum and platform which aims to present all key aspects, theoretical and practical, of a broad interest in computer engineering, technology and science in China since 1996. Its main areas include, but are not limited to, state-of-the-art techniques and high-level research in the areas of image analysis and recognition, image interpretation and computer visualization, computer graphics, virtual reality, system simulation, animation, and other hot topics to meet different application requirements in the fields of urban planning, public security, network communication, national defense, aerospace, environmental change, medical diagnostics, remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and others.
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  • Detection and localization of digital video regional tampering Yao Ye, Hu Weitong, Ren Yizhi and Weng Shaoweidoi:10.11834/jig.170453 09-06-2018 56 14

Image Processing and Cording

  • Face super-resolution reconstruction method based on joint local constraint neighbor embedding Huang Fuzhen, Zhou Chenxu and He Linweidoi:10.11834/jig.170393 09-06-2018 56 12
  • License plate image super-resolution based on intensity-gradient prior combination Sun Jing, Yuan Qiangqiang, Li Jiwei, Zhou Chunping and Shen Huanfengdoi:10.11834/jig.170489 09-06-2018 48 5
  • Image encryption algorithm based on bit-level synchronous permutation diffusion and pixel-level annular diffusion Liang Ying and Zhang Shaowudoi:10.11834/jig.170433 09-06-2018 40 4

Image Analysis and Recognition

  • Person re-identification based on multi-feature fusion and alternating direction method of multipliers Qi Meibin, Wang Cichun, Jiang Jianguo and Li Jidoi:10.11834/jig.170507 09-06-2018 50 13
  • Fine-grained car recognition method based on region proposal networks Yang Juan, Cao Haoyu, Wang Ronggui, Xue Lixia and Hu Mindoi:10.11834/jig.170481 09-06-2018 64 19
  • Saliency object detection method based on complex domains Cui Liqun, Zhao Yue, Hu Zhiyi and Zhao Yukangdoi:10.11834/jig.170488 09-06-2018 63 23
  • Image saliency detection based on background-absorbing Markov chain Jiang Fengling, Zhang Haitao, Yang Jing and Kong Bindoi:10.11834/jig.170492 09-06-2018 54 16

Image Understanding and Computer Vision

  • Automatic extrinsic calibration for RGB-D camera based on ground plane detection in point cloud Sun Shijie, Song Huansheng, Zhang Chaoyang, Zhang Wentao and Wang Xuandoi:10.11834/jig.170490 09-06-2018 43 6
  • Semi-global stereo matching algorithm based on feature fusion and its CUDA implementation Lyu Niqi, Song Guanghua and Yang Boweidoi:10.11834/jig.170157 09-06-2018 51 9

Computer Graphics

  • Three-dimensional shape segmentation by combining topological persistence and heat diffusion theory Yang Jun and Zhang Pengdoi:10.11834/jig.170558 09-06-2018 43 5
  • Ball curve of the same degree with a parameter Li Juncheng, Li Bing and Yi Yeqingdoi:10.11834/jig.170586 09-06-2018 45 8

Medical Image Processing

  • New phase-unwrapping method based on phase partition and local polynomial surface fitting Cheng Junying, Wang Changqing, Feng Yanqiu and Chen Wufandoi:10.11834/jig.170515 09-06-2018 42 11
  • Classification modeling and recognition for cross modal and multi-label biomedical image Yu Yuhai, Lin Hongfei, Meng Jiana, Guo Hai and Zhao Zhehuandoi:10.11834/jig.170556 09-06-2018 52 14

Remote Sensing Image Processing

  • Architecture design of deep convolutional neural network for SAR target recognition Gu Yu and Xu Yingdoi:10.11834/jig.170473 09-06-2018 84 19

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