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About the Journal

Journal of image and Graphics(JIG) is a peer-reviewed monthly periodical, JIG is an open forum and platform which aims to present all key aspects, theoretical and practical, of a broad interest in computer engineering, technology and science in China since 1996. Its main areas include, but are not limited to, state-of-the-art techniques and high-level research in the areas of image analysis and recognition, image interpretation and computer visualization, computer graphics, virtual reality, system simulation, animation, and other hot topics to meet different application requirements in the fields of urban planning, public security, network communication, national defense, aerospace, environmental change, medical diagnostics, remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and others.
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Scholar View

  • Main bottlenecks and research prospects of the deep convolutional neural network-based denoising model Xu Shaoping, Liu Tingyun, Lin Zhenyu, Zhang Guizhen and Li Chongxidoi:10.11834/jig.190165 31-07-2019 107 34


  • Survey of deep learning methods for face age estimation Zhang Ke, Wang Xinsheng, Guo Yurong, Su Yukun and He Yingxuandoi:10.11834/jig.180653 31-07-2019 70 20
  • Performance evaluation of convolutional neural network in palmprint recognition Wang Hailun, Li Shujie, Jia Wei and Liu Xiaopingdoi:10.11834/jig.180605 31-07-2019 55 11

  • Novelimage colorization of a local adaptive weighted average filter Cao Liqin, Shang Yongxing, Liu Tingting, Li Zhijiang and Ma Ailongdoi:10.11834/jig.180608 31-07-2019 51 14
  • Image super-resolution reconstruction via deep network based on multi-staged fusion Shen Mingyu, Yu Pengfei, Wang Ronggui, Yang Juan and Xue Lixiadoi:10.11834/jig.180619 31-07-2019 66 13
  • Generative adversarial network for image super-resolution combining perceptual loss Yang Juan, Li Wenjing, Wang Ronggui and Xue Lixiadoi:10.11834/jig.180613 31-07-2019 46 5
  • Image instance style transfer combined with fully convolutional network and cycleGAN Liu Zheliang, Zhu Wei and Yuan Ziyangdoi:10.11834/jig.180624 31-07-2019 42 5
  • Feature preservation with combined filters for mesh denoising Huang Tao, Cao Li and Liu Xiaopingdoi:10.11834/jig.180654 31-07-2019 51 8

Image Analysis and Recognition

  • Semantic segmentation of gait body with multilayer semantic fusion convolutional neural network Zhi Shuangshuang, Zhao Qinghui and Tang Jindoi:10.11834/jig.180597 31-07-2019 44 3
  • Real-time object tracking based on high-confidence complementary learning Guo Wei, Xing Yuzhe and Qu Haichengdoi:10.11834/jig.180684 31-07-2019 27 5
  • Face recognition with superposed linear sparse representation based on discriminative nonconvex low-rank matrix decomposition Ye Xueyi, Luo Xiaohan, Wang Peng and Chen Huiyundoi:10.11834/jig.180585 31-07-2019 32 5
  • Robust and diverse multi-view clustering based on self-paced learning Tang Yongqiang and Zhang Wenshengdoi:10.11834/jig.180669 31-07-2019 26 2
  • Video object segmentation via feature attention pyramid modulating network Tang Runfa, Song Huihui, Zhang Kaihua and Jiang Sihaodoi:10.11834/jig.180661 31-07-2019 30 5
  • Garbage detection and classification of intelligent sweeping robot based on visual perception Ning Kai, Zhang Dongbo, Yin Feng and Xiao Huihuidoi:10.11834/jig.180475 31-07-2019 37 7

Image Understanding and Computer Vision

  • 3D gaze estimation using eyeball optical center calibration and distance correction Zhang Yuanhui, Duan Chengjie, Zhu Junjiang and He Yuchendoi:10.11834/jig.180643 31-07-2019 22 3
  • Semi-global stereo matching with adaptive window based on grayscale value Huang Chao and Zhao Huazhidoi:10.11834/jig.180574 31-07-2019 24 4
  • Auto-calibration of the PTZ camera on the highway Li Chan, Song Huansheng, Wu Feifan, Wang Wei and Wang Xuandoi:10.11834/jig.180599 31-07-2019 28 6

Remote Sensing Image Processing

  • Attention mechanism improves CNN remote sensing image object detection Li Hongyan, Li Chungeng, An Jubai and Ren Junlidoi:10.11834/jig.180649 31-07-2019 61 13

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