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About the Journal

Journal of image and Graphics(JIG) is a peer-reviewed monthly periodical, JIG is an open forum and platform which aims to present all key aspects, theoretical and practical, of a broad interest in computer engineering, technology and science in China since 1996. Its main areas include, but are not limited to, state-of-the-art techniques and high-level research in the areas of image analysis and recognition, image interpretation and computer visualization, computer graphics, virtual reality, system simulation, animation, and other hot topics to meet different application requirements in the fields of urban planning, public security, network communication, national defense, aerospace, environmental change, medical diagnostics, remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and others.
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Scholar View

  • Progresss and challenges of MRI brain tumor image segmentation Li Qiang, Bai Kexin, Zhao Liu and Guan Xindoi:10.11834/jig.190524 16-03-2020 164 34

Image Processing and Coding

  • Improved multifocus image fusion algorithm for bilateral filtering Retinex Chang Jian, Ren Ying and He Chunzedoi:10.11834/jig.190201 16-03-2020 140 21
  • Unsupervised segmenting texture images based on Gabor filters and extended LTP operator Ma Rui and Zhou Lidoi:10.11834/jig.190275 16-03-2020 89 10

Image Analysis and Recognition

  • Video based 3D human pose estimation combining sparse representation and deep learning Wang Weinan, Zhang Rong and Guo Lijundoi:10.11834/jig.190422 16-03-2020 94 19
  • Monocular depth measurement using motion cues Wang Wei, Liang Fengmei and Wang Linlindoi:10.11834/jig.190223 16-03-2020 64 5
  • Semantic segmentation of workpiece target based on multiscale feature fusion He Chao, Zhang Yinhui and He Zifendoi:10.11834/jig.190218 16-03-2020 103 12
  • Image classification method based on end-to-end dual feature reweight DenseNet Guo Yurong, Zhang Ke, Wang Xinsheng, Yuan Jinsha, Zhao Zhenbing and Ma Zhanyudoi:10.11834/jig.190290 16-03-2020 80 8
  • Equivalent step cylinder unfolding of silkworm cocoon surface image Sun Weihong, Liao Yizhen, Liang Man, Shao Tiefeng and Bi Haizhongdoi:10.11834/jig.190296 16-03-2020 65 6

Image Understanding and Computer Vision

  • Automatic wave height detection from nearshore wave videos Song Wei, Zhou Xu, Bi Fan, Guo Donglin, Gao Song, He Qi and Bai Zhipengdoi:10.11834/jig.190138 16-03-2020 78 5

Remote Sensing Image Processing

  • Using the multispectral image data acquired by unmanned aerial vehicle to build an estimation model of the number of seedling stage cotton plants Zheng Xiaolan, Zhang Xianfeng, Cheng Junyi and Ren Xiangdoi:10.11834/jig.190140 16-03-2020 113 34
  • Double vision full convolution network for object extraction in remote sensing imagery Li Daoji, Guo Haitao, Zhang Baoming, Zhao Chuan, Lu Jun and Yu Donghangdoi:10.11834/jig.190276 16-03-2020 125 35

Column of CACIS 2019

  • New pan-sharpening method based on adaptive weight mechanism Fang Shuai, Chao Lei and Cao Fengyundoi:10.11834/jig.190280 16-03-2020 115 11
  • Raster geographic data dual watermarking based on visual cryptography and discrete wavelet transform Fang Liguo, Fu Zhengxin, Sun Wanzhong and Yu Bindoi:10.11834/jig.190295 16-03-2020 73 8
  • Multi-label hyperspectral image classification Zhang Jing, Wang Yibin and Fang Shuaidoi:10.11834/jig.190285 16-03-2020 103 5
  • Spatio-temporal method of satellite image fusion based on linear model Fang Shuai, Yao Zhenji and Cao Fengyundoi:10.11834/jig.190279 16-03-2020 86 12
  • A method of enhancing data based on AT-PGGAN for fine-grained recognition of vehicle models Yang Changdong, Yu Ye, Xu Longdao, Fu Yuanzi and Lu Qiangdoi:10.11834/jig.190282 16-03-2020 96 7
  • Vehicle logo recognition based on anti-blur feature extraction He Minxue, Yu Ye, Xu Jingtao and Lu Qiangdoi:10.11834/jig.190281 16-03-2020 84 8
  • Deep optical strain feature map for face anti-spoofing Ma Siyuan, Zheng Han and Guo Wendoi:10.11834/jig.190286 16-03-2020 101 7

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