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About the Journal

Journal of image and Graphics(JIG) is a peer-reviewed monthly periodical, JIG is an open forum and platform which aims to present all key aspects, theoretical and practical, of a broad interest in computer engineering, technology and science in China since 1996. Its main areas include, but are not limited to, state-of-the-art techniques and high-level research in the areas of image analysis and recognition, image interpretation and computer visualization, computer graphics, virtual reality, system simulation, animation, and other hot topics to meet different application requirements in the fields of urban planning, public security, network communication, national defense, aerospace, environmental change, medical diagnostics, remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and others.
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  • Review on brain functional parcellation based on resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging data Hu Ying, Wang Lijia and Nie Shengdongdoi:10.11834/jig.170081 23-09-2017 170 39

Image Processing and Cording

  • Gradient guided higher-order model based on Riemann geometry for color image denoising Lu Bibo, Li Yang, Wang Yongmao and Gao Tianlingdoi:10.11834/jig.160668 23-09-2017 167 37
  • Image encryption algorithm based on chaotic maps and bit reconstruction Ping Ping, Li Jianhua, Mao Yingchi and Qi Rongzhidoi:10.11834/jig.170049 23-09-2017 113 13
  • Adaptive bilateral logarithm transformation with bandwidth preserving and low-illumination image enhancement Mao Dongyue, Xie Zhengxiang, He Xiangqian, Jia Yuanyuan and Zhou Lihuadoi:10.11834/jig.170094 23-09-2017 167 41
  • Structure recognition guided texture suppressing image smoothing Shao Huan, Fu Xinyi, Liu Chunxiao, Wu Min, Gong Chen and Yu Zongjiedoi:10.11834/jig.170200 23-09-2017 217 17

Image Analysis and Recognition

  • Video shadow elimination algorithm by combining HSV with texture features Wu Minghu, Song Ranran and Liu Mindoi:10.11834/jig.170151 23-09-2017 145 27
  • Saliency detection combining background and foreground prior Yao Zhaojian and Tan Taizhedoi:10.11834/jig.170114 23-09-2017 133 30

Image Understanding and Computer Vision

  • Rapid saliency detection method using LapSVM Wang Chen, Fan Yangyu and Xiong Leidoi:10.11834/jig.170051 23-09-2017 110 13
  • Hierarchical multi-object tracking algorithm based on globally multiple maximum clique graphs Wang Xueqin, Jiang Jianguo and Qi Meibindoi:10.11834/jig.160527 23-09-2017 111 14
  • Superpixel object tracking with adaptive compact feature Tian Jian and Wang Kaijundoi:10.11834/jig.160619 23-09-2017 136 20

Medical Image Processing

  • Renal cortex segmentation with fully convolutional network and GrowCut Shi Yonggang, Qian Mengyao and Liu Zhiwendoi:10.11834/jig.170190 23-09-2017 120 17
  • Hidden information extraction from the ancient painting using hyperspectral imaging technology Guo Xinlei, Zhang Lifu, Wu Taixia, Zhang Hongming and Luo Xudongdoi:10.11834/jig.170093 23-09-2017 146 17

Remote Sensing Image Processing

  • Airborne LIDAR building detection based on voxel data structure Wang Liying, Wang Sheng, Xu Yan and Li Yudoi:10.11834/jig.170159 23-09-2017 109 10
  • Onboard ship saliency detection algorithm based on multi-scale fractal dimension Li Wenjuan, Zhao Heping and Shang Shunandoi:10.11834/jig.160529 23-09-2017 115 9


  • Progressive line simplification approach based on the double-oblique-dividing-curve method Du Jiawei, Wu Fang, Gong Xianyong, Li Jinghan and Xing Ruixingdoi:10.11834/jig.170238 23-09-2017 106 9

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