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About the Journal

Journal of image and Graphics(JIG) is a peer-reviewed monthly periodical, JIG is an open forum and platform which aims to present all key aspects, theoretical and practical, of a broad interest in computer engineering, technology and science in China since 1996. Its main areas include, but are not limited to, state-of-the-art techniques and high-level research in the areas of image analysis and recognition, image interpretation and computer visualization, computer graphics, virtual reality, system simulation, animation, and other hot topics to meet different application requirements in the fields of urban planning, public security, network communication, national defense, aerospace, environmental change, medical diagnostics, remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and others.
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Scholar View

  • Review of the research progress in deep learning and biomedical image analysis till 2020 Chen Hongyang, Gao Jingyang, Zhao Di, Wang Hongzhi, Song Hong, Su Qinghuadoi:10.11834/jig.200351 19-03-2021 865 342


  • Review of data augmentation for image in deep learning Ma Dongao, Tang Ping, Zhao Lijun, Zhang Zhengdoi:10.11834/jig.200089 19-03-2021 551 381

Image Processing and Coding

  • Adaptive distance measurement method with blur of B-spline wavelet function Liang Rui, Wei Yangjiedoi:10.11834/jig.190659 19-03-2021 239 156

Image Analysis and Recognition

  • Object tracking using enhanced second-order network modulation Wang Xianhai, Song Huihui, Zhang Kaihua, Liu Qingshandoi:10.11834/jig.200145 19-03-2021 263 138
  • Background and direction-aware correlation filter tracking Jiang Wentao, Tu Chao, Liu Wanjundoi:10.11834/jig.200139 19-03-2021 202 117
  • Video object detection using fusion of SSD and spatiotemporal features Yu Wanqing, Yu Jing, Bai Manyan, Xiao Chuangbaidoi:10.11834/jig.200020 19-03-2021 260 207
  • DLPD-Net: distorted license plate detection model in natural scenarios Yu Ye, Fu Yuanzi, Chen Weixiao, Liu Haitaodoi:10.11834/jig.200091 19-03-2021 194 79
  • Image defogging algorithm using a two-phase feature extraction strategy Yuan Feiniu, Li Zhiqiang, Shi Jinting, Xia Xue, Li Yadoi:10.11834/jig.200057 19-03-2021 255 160

Image Understanding and Computer Vision

  • Coarse-to-fine multiscale defocus blur detection Heng Hongjun, Ye Hebin, Zhou Mo, Huang Ruidoi:10.11834/jig.200126 19-03-2021 172 85
  • Re-GAN: residual generative adversarial network algorithm Shi Caijuan, Tu Dongjing, Liu Jingyidoi:10.11834/jig.200069 19-03-2021 244 135
  • Image super-resolution reconstruction from multi-channel recursive residual network Cheng Deqiang, Guo Xin, Chen Liangliang, Kou Qiqi, Zhao Kai, Gao Ruidoi:10.11834/jig.200108 19-03-2021 221 144

Computer Graphics

  • Visual analytics of spatial and temporal correlation features of rainfall Zhou Zhiguang, Xie Wanying, Zheng Weihua, Chen Yuanyuandoi:10.11834/jig.200114 19-03-2021 174 83

Medical Image Processing

  • Tumor segmentation in breast ultrasound combined with Res paths and a dense connection Chen Yanghuai, Chen Sheng, Yao Lipingdoi:10.11834/jig.200078 19-03-2021 229 97

Remote Sensing Image Processing

  • Target detection algorithm of aerial remote sensing based on feature enhancement technology Zhao Wenqing, Kong Zixu, Zhou Zhendong, Zhao Zhenbingdoi:10.11834/jig.190612 19-03-2021 221 67
  • Fast detection algorithm for ship in arbitrary direction with dense subregion cutting Chen Huajie, Wu Dong, Gu Yudoi:10.11834/jig.200111 19-03-2021 165 73
  • Aircraft recognition of remote sensing image based on sample generated by CGAN Wang Yaoling, Wang Hongqi, Xu Taodoi:10.11834/jig.200001 19-03-2021 178 83
  • Segmentation of high-resolution remote sensing image by collaborating with edge loss enhancement Chen Qin, Zhu Lei, Lyu Suidong, Wu Jindoi:10.11834/jig.190601 19-03-2021 182 83
  • Remote sensing building segmentation by CGAN with multilevel channel attention mechanism Yu Shuai, Wang Xilidoi:10.11834/jig.200059 19-03-2021 186 110
  • U-Net for urban green space classification in Gaofen-2 remote sensing images Xu Zhiyu, Zhou Yi, Wang Shixin, Wang Litao, Wang Zhenqingdoi:10.11834/jig.200052 19-03-2021 216 110
  • Spatiotemporal fusion of satellite images via conditional generative adversarial learning Li Changjie, Song Huihui, Zhang Kaihua, Zhang Xiaolu, Liu Qingshandoi:10.11834/jig.200219 19-03-2021 187 116

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