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武文波1, 李 涛2, 王 琨1, 秦前清3(1.北京空间机电研究所, 北京 100076;2.西北工业大学, 西安 710072;3.武汉大学, 武汉 430079)

摘 要
Research on Remote Sensing Image Compression Using Orientation-adaptive Lifting Wavelet

WU Wenbo1, LI Tao2, WANG Kun1, QIN Qianqing3(1.Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity, Beijing, 100076;2.Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072;3.Wuhan University, Wuhan 430079)

This paper addresses the problem of image compression in remote sensing applications. Compared with other static images, remote-sensing images are characterized with complex textures and weak local correlation. Most of current wavelet-based algorithms of image compression have not taken this into account, in which the predictions are always performed in the horizontal or vertical directions. In order to further improve coding efficiency, an efficient remote sensing image coding algorithm based on orientation-adaptive lifting wavelet(OALW) is proposed. First, the OALW is applied to the image at the direction where the pixels have a strong correlation, rather than at the horizontal or vertical orientation. Compression is then achieved by using a subband-bit-plane encoding method. In the experiments, two satellite images are selected to test the performance of the algorithm. Experimental results illustrate that it provides higher performance than JPEG2000 in low-bits compression.