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郑向涛1, 肖欣林1, 陈秀妹1, 卢宛萱2, 刘小煜2, 卢孝强1(1.福州大学;2.中国科学院空天信息创新研究院)

摘 要
Advancements in cross-domain remote sensing scene interpretation

(College of Physics and Information Engineering,Fuzhou University)

Multi-source data with multiple platforms, sensors, and perspectives are common in remote sensing earth observation, providing synergistic and complementary information for remote sensing scene interpretation. However, the existing scene interpretation methods need to design training models according to different remote sensing scenes or standardize the test data to fit the existing models, with high training cost and long response period, which are no longer able to adapt to the new stage of collaborative interpretation of multi-source data. Cross-domain remote sensing scene interpretation migrates old trained models to new application scenarios, adapts to different scene changes through model reuse, and utilizes existing domain knowledge to solve unknown domain problems. This report focuses on cross-domain remote sensing scene interpretation, comprehensively analyzes domestic and international literature, discusses the current status of domestic and international researches in recent years, cutting-edge hotspots and future trends, and summarizes the commonly used datasets and unified experimental setups for cross-domain interpretation in combination with the two typical tasks of scene identification and target recognition.