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沉浸式环境中多场景视觉提示信息可视化方法研究综述(China VR推荐)

任洋甫1, 李志强2, 张松海1(1.清华大学;2.国防大学联合作战学院)

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沉浸式环境是通过虚拟现实(Virtual Reality,VR)等技术为用户呈现趋近于真实的环境体验。虚拟现实是通过计算机生成现实世界的模拟环境,可以为用户提供丰富的沉浸感、交互性、想象力体验。用户在虚拟现实场景中,通过视觉可以快速熟悉环境,获取场景内外的信息,还可以通过视觉完成与场景的交互,增强用户的感知。增强现实(Augmented Reality,AR)会将虚拟的信息放置在真实场景中,用户可以与真实场景中的虚拟信息进行交互。为了充分了解视觉提示信息在虚拟现实等不同的沉浸式场景中的研究,探究视觉信息提示方法的本源,本文按照信息提示位置的不同,功能和应用的不同进行区分,首先综述近年来在普通二维场景中的方法,通过技术对比和改进深入讨论了在三维虚拟现实或者增强现实环境下对视觉提示信息可视化方法的研究。分析在虚拟现实或增强现实环境下与普通二维场景中显示的异同,同时展开视觉提示信息在多场景下对用户注意力等使用功能方面的研究介绍,以及全景视频观看等实际场景中的应用研究说明。通过本文对二维和三维场景视野外、场景中标签布局和注意力引导,以及全景视频观看等实际应用中的讨论,可以更详细的展示视觉提示信息在沉浸式环境和多场景中的研究前景和发展方向。
Survey of visualization methods for multi-scene visual cue information in virtual reality environments

Ren Yangfu, Li Zhiqiang1, Zhang Songhai2(1.Joint Operations College,National Defense University,Beijing;2.Department of Computer Science and Technology,Tsinghua University,Beijing)

The immersive environment presents a near-real environment experience to users through technologies such as virtual reality. Virtual reality is a simulated environment that generates the real world through computers, providing users with a rich immersion experience, interactivity, and imagination. In virtual reality, the eyes are not only the window for viewing the scene but also an important way to interact with the virtual world. It is a very convenient way for users to obtain information about the scene through visual means. The interaction of the scene enhances the user"s perception. Augmented reality places virtual information in a real scene, and users can interact with the virtual information in the real scene. To understand the research of visual cue information in different immersive scenes, such as virtual reality, combined with the interrelationship of visual information cue methods, this paper mainly distinguishes according to the difference of information display location, use function, and practical application field. To study the visualization method of visual cue information in an immersive multi-scene environment. We first analyze the out-of-view prompt information. Due to the limited viewing field of view of the hardware device, the viewing range of the content in the scene through different devices will be limited. The out-of-view visual prompt information method can be mainly divided into overview + details. methods and focus + context, and discuss 2D and 3D scenes respectively. Secondly, for the situation within the field of view, we mainly focus on the placement of labels around the model, which is slightly different from the problem of label layout in the scene, which is slightly different from the problem of information outside the field of view. When the information in the field of view is displayed, we will pay more attention to the display information. Whether the content will be occluded or overlapped, I hope to ensure that users are more comfortable viewing information content. At the same time, there are different requirements for the layout and distribution of label information. For the research on label layout in the scene, the main purpose is to reduce label placement. Unreasonable overlap and confusion reduce the cognitive load of the user"s observation. From the perspective of information management, for the information in the scene, placing the information reasonably to avoid occlusion can not only improve the user"s scene cognition but also improve the user"s experience in the scene. Third, considering the function of visual prompt information, the added visual prompt information in VR helps users to understand the location or scene information as soon as possible while roaming the scene. Like users in reality, when users enter an unfamiliar scene, their positioning in the scene can be obtained through map navigation or eye-catching signs, which helps users quickly grasp scene information. Therefore, considering the function of visual prompt information, adding map navigation or attention guidance to users can help users find points of interest as soon as possible. Moreover, the user"s perception is enhanced using visual prompts, which improves the user"s interactive experience in the scene. In practical applications, we discuss the problems encountered in panoramic videos and their solutions, as well as problems encountered in industrial and life scenarios, such as the application of the currently popular video barrage in panoramic videos. Watch panoramic videos in immersive scenes or applications in entertainment and industrial production. However, from the current state of the art, there are still certain challenges in the visualization of multi-scene visual prompt information in the virtual reality environment in the following aspects: First, to improve the user experience on display devices of different sizes in the two-dimensional scene, enhance The efficiency of users" acquisition and understanding of information, reduce the cognitive load of users when using the device, and improve the exploration of the adaptation of multi-size screen information prompt methods. Second, the user"s way of prompting information outside the field of view in different 3D scenes can ensure a better sense of immersion and provide users with a more convenient interactive way to provide comprehensive information prompts. Thirdly, the method research of label placement and layout in the scene, considering the user experience, includes three aspects, such as how the user views and interacts with the label, the location and display time of the label, and the relationship between the label and the scene movement. Way. Because users pay more attention to whether the interaction method in the scene is convenient, whether the viewing method is comfortable, and whether the impact on the scene content is small enough. Fourth, it is beneficial for users to obtain navigation information or attention guidance in the scene. Still, it is necessary to improve the user"s interactive experience when using map navigation, prompt important information, and improve the accuracy of user attention guidance. The effect of reducing prompt information on immersion is of great research significance. Fifth, watching videos in virtual reality can provide users with a good viewing experience, thus further enhancing the user"s immersion during the viewing process, presenting a better way of guiding the storyline, and reducing dizziness during the viewing process. This is a question worth discussing. Sixth, in industrial production, education, entertainment, and other scenarios, it is significant how visual prompt information can form a good interaction with users and help users complete tasks. Through the discussion of practical applications such as 2D and 3D scene out-of-view, in-scene label layout and attention guidance, and panoramic video viewing, the research prospects of visual cue information in immersive environments and multi-scene can be shown in more detail. and development direction.