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陈 生1, 王 宏2, 沈占锋2, 骆剑承2, 胡晓东3, 刘 雯4(1.中国科学院遥感应用研究所,北京 10010;2.中国矿业大学资源与安全工程学院,北京 10008;3.浙江工业大学软件学院,杭州 31002;4.北京理工大学信息科学技术学院,北京 10008)

摘 要
Study on Object-oriented Extracting Bridges from High Resolution Remote Sensing Image

CHEN Sheng1, WANG Hong2, SHEN Zhanfeng1, LUO Jiancheng1, HU Xiaodong3, LIU Wen4(1.Institute of Remote Sensing Applications,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 10010;2.chool of Resource and Safety Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology of Beijing,Beijing 10008;3.Software College,Zhejiang University of Technology,Hangzhou 31002;4.School of Information Science and Technology,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 10008)

According to the relation of bridge with water,an object-oriented method to extract bridges from high resolution remote sensing image is put forward as follows.First,use the object-oriented image analysis method to classify the IKNOS image into two classes,water and the land.Second, export all the image objects of land class to a vector shape file.Then binarize the classified image as two parts,the land with white color and the water with black color.Fourth,process the binarized image based on mathematic morphology to get the connected water object.Fifth, extract the water object to a vector file.Finally,the destired bridge is extracted through the intersection of the land and water vector files.An experiment indicates that the method is of universal application with the features of simplicity,small amount of computation and high efficiency.