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潘云1,2, 宫辉力1,2, 李小娟1,2, 赵文吉1,2(1.首都师范大学三维信息获取与应用教育部重点实验室,北京 100037;2.首都师范大学资源环境与GIS北京 市重点实验室,北京 100037)

摘 要
Study on Automated Extraction of Groundwater Spatial Characteristics


Based on the characteristics of the groundwater table raster model, this paper firstly builds up the mathematical models about the groundwater flow direction, the cone of the depression and groundwater divides according to their hydrogeological definition. And then, seed algorithm and mathematical morphology are used to extract these spatial characteristics, and also the extracted information is visualized. In the end, this paper takes Su-Xi-Chang area as a study site, analyzes the extracted and visualized spatial characteristics, and gives some suggestion on the rational groundwater exploiting. These automated extraction results could facilitate the analysis of temporal and spatial dynamics of groundwater, provides support for groundwater management, and it also could be the useful exploring for digital groundwater study.