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段福洲1, 宫辉力2(1.三维信息获取与应用教育部重点实验室,北京 100037;2.首都师范大学资源环境与旅游学院,北京 100037)

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Research Progress in the 3D Geological Model


3D Geological Model is the key and focus to learning, geological engineering, early warning and prevention of geological disasters, mine management, and other aspects that have been widely applied. 3D Geological Model involves modeling methods, data model, data structure and other aspects. Based on the comparative study on the research results of three-dimensional geological model in the domestic, it expounds the research progress in the three-dimensional model of geological field. The related modeling methods, data structure and practical application are comparative analyzed and classified, accovding to the three-dimensional geological model of the principles. The comprehensive analysis of threedimensional geological model progress is given in the article, and modeling methods, data structure, spatial analysis has done an in-depth analysis expounded. Based on a comprehensive study on the previous results, a multi-TIN and TEN mixed 3D geological model was proposed and an experiment was carried out to prove the availability of this method.