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章毓晋(清华大学电子工程系, 北京 100084)

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本文是关于中国图像工程的年度文献综述系列之二十九。为了使国内广大从事图像工程研究和图像技术应用的科技人员能够较全面地了解国内图像工程研究和发展的现状,能够有针对性地查询有关文献,且向期刊编者和作者提供有用的参考,本文对2023年度发表的图像工程相关文献进行了统计和分析。具体从国内15种有关图像工程重要中文期刊在2023年发行的所有154期上发表的学术研究和技术应用文献(共2 989篇)中,选取出所有属于图像工程领域的文献(共865篇),并根据各文献的主要内容将其分别归入图像处理、图像分析、图像理解、技术应用和综述评论5个大类,然后进一步分入23个专业小类(与前18年相同),并在此基础上分别进行了各个期刊及各类文献的统计和分析。根据对2023年统计数据的分析可以看出:从研究角度看,图像分析方向当前得到了最多的关注,其中图像分割和基元检测、目标检测和识别以及人体生物特征提取和验证等都是研究的焦点;从应用角度看,遥感、雷达、声呐、测绘等领域最为活跃,而且新的图像技术开发和应用领域拓展很快。总的来说,中国图像工程在2023年的研究深度和广度还在继续提高和扩大,仍保持了快速发展的势头。综合29年的统计数据还为读者提供了更全面和更可信的各个研究方向发展趋势的信息。
Image engineering in China:2023

Zhang Yujin(Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China)

This is the 29th annual survey series of bibliographies on image engineering in China. This statistic and analysis study aims to capture the up-to-date development of image engineering in China,provide a targeted means of literature searching facility for readers working in related areas,and supply a useful recommendation for the editors of journals and potential authors of papers. Specifically,considering the wide distribution of related publications in China,all references (865)on image engineering research and technique are selected carefully from the research papers(2 989 in total)published in all issues(154)of a set of 15 Chinese journals. These 15 journals are considered important,in which papers concerning image engineering have higher quality and are relatively concentrated. The selected references are initially classified into five categories(image processing,image analysis,image understanding,technique application,and survey)and then into 23 specialized classes in accordance with their main contents(same as the last 18 years). Analysis and discussions about the statistics of the results of classifications by journal and by category are also presented. Analysis on the statistics in 2023 shows that:from a research perspective,image analysis has currently received the most attention,with image segmentation and primitive detection,object detection and recognition,as well as human biometric feature extraction and validation being the focus of research;from an application perspective,remote sensing,radar,sonar,surveying and mapping are the most active fields,and the development and application of new image technologies are expanding rapidly. In conclusion,this work shows a general and up-to-date picture of the various continuing progresses,either for depth or for width,of image engineering in China in 2023. The statistics for 29 years also provide readers with more comprehensive and credible information on the development trends of various research directions.