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徐慧明, 夏立坤, 杨琪, 刘宇杰, 唐宋元, 杨健(北京理工大学光电学院, 北京 100081)

摘 要
目的 针对国内外已有的非接触式测量系统普遍存在价格昂贵、安装复杂、占用空间大等问题,提出一种基于消失点和图像比例法相结合的人体参数尺寸的自动测量方法(HuFAMS-VP)。方法 首先,利用背景差分法,将人体从图像中分割出来;再将分割后的人体图像进行轮廓提取,从而获得人体轮廓图;然后,根据边缘检测和人体各个部位与人体身高比例等方法,获取人体几个关键部位特征点;最后,通过消失点方法(vanishing point)与比例法的结合获取人体参数尺寸。结果 根据HuFAMS-VP对7组被测人员(年龄在25±3岁,身高范围在1.7±0.2 m)进行尺寸测量,并与被测人员真实尺寸信息进行比较。由测量结果可以得到7组被测人员的绝对误差控制在±0.05 m之内,平均测量速度在2 s以内。结论 HuFAMS-VP在确保测量精度的前提下,具有操作方便、价格低廉等优势。根据测量结果,论证了本系统的准确性和鲁棒性。
Human featured automatic measurement system

Xu Huiming, Xia Likun, Yang Qi, Liu Yujie, Tang Songyuan, Yang Jian(School of Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China)

Objective The common obstacles faced by all types of automatic human body measurement systems are comparably high costs and large sizes with a complex installation process. Method This study proposes a human-featured automatic measurement system based on vanishing points (HuFAMS-VP). It consists of the following parts. HuFAMS-VP initially extracts a human body image, utilizing the background subtraction method followed by image contour detection. Several critical characteristic points on the contour can then be obtained by using the edge detection technique and proportion method. Finally, we combine the methods of vanishing points with proportion measure to obtain different human body features. Result HuFAM-VP is applied to measure the human body size, and the measurements are compared with the true sizes. Results show that it can achieve accurate results at less than±5 cm between the measured and real data. Moreover, the average CPU time is less than 2 s. Conclusion The proposed system has the advantages of easy operation and low cost under the premise of high accuracy. Results show that HuFAM-VP demonstrated validity and robustness.