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谢文军,杨智为,刘晓平(合肥工业大学计算机与信息学院, 合肥 230009)

摘 要
目的 为了解决四足动物运动数据难以获取的问题,建立一种快速易用的四足动物运动重建和制作途径,提出了一种面向四足动物的实时低维运动生成方法。方法 首先,建立以质点、刚体和弹簧为基础的低维物理解算器,将四足动物骨架抽象为低维物理模型;其次,依据步态模式建立足迹约束,自脚向上分肢体求解全身物理质点的运动信息;最后,依据通用约束修正后的质点位置,反算全身动画骨骼节点,生成目标运动。结果 针对不同步态、不同体型、不同风格的四足动物进行多组实验,本文方法能够达到330帧/s的生成速度,且具备良好的视觉效果和通用性。结论 本文方法的输入数据易于学习和获取,计算过程实时稳定,可以快速生成符合视觉真实感的多风格运动数据。
Gait-driven quadruped motion generation using a low-dimensional physical model

Xie Wenjun,Yang Zhiwei,Liu Xiaoping(School of Computer and Information, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China)

Objective This study proposes a low-dimensional physical model for quadruped motion generation to address the difficulty in capturing quadruped motions. The proposed model provides an efficient and convenient method for creating and reconstructing quadruped animation. Method Low-dimensional physical solvers based on particles, rigid bodies, and springs are created. The quadruped skeleton is mapped to a low-dimensional physical structure, and legs, torso, head, and tail are abstracted to distinctive models. The particles of the entire structure are solved from feet to top by gait constraints, which are set up according to the gait pattern and foot trajectories. After correcting physical simulation results with universal constraints, full body skeleton animation is generated, and all nodes are back calculated from the low-dimensional structure. Result The experimental results with different gaits, shapes, and styles demonstrate that the proposed method can stably run at 330 frames per second with good visual effect and versatility. Conclusion The input of the proposed method is easy to learn and obtain for common users. The calculation process is stable and in real time, and a multi-style quadruped animation that satisfies visual realism can be generated.