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廖琪男, 柯琦, 赖振丹(广西财经学院计算机科学系, 南宁 530003)

摘 要
目的 针对目前信息隐藏的嵌入和提取函数为固定表达式,存在容易被隐写分析和非法提取信息的安全隐患,以及基于模函数的隐写研究现状,提出信息隐藏参数化设计思想、优化参数化二元模映射隐写算法。方法 首先提出信息隐藏参数化设计定义和分析参数化信息隐藏算法的安全性,然后提出优化参数化二元模映射隐写算法。优化参数化二元模映射隐写算法将两个像素值优化组合后的模运算结果映射到一位n2进制信息,从而实现信息隐藏。结果 优化参数化二元模映射隐写算法的密钥空间大,载密图像均方差小于或等于同类算法。结论 信息隐藏参数化设计可以有效提高信息隐藏算法的抗隐写分析能力和抗信息提取能力;优化参数化二元模映射隐写算法与同类算法相比,具有更好的载密图像视觉质量和安全性。
Optimal parameterized binary modulo mapping steganography

Liao Qinan, Ke Qi, Lai Zhendan(Department of Computer Science, Guangxi University of Finance & Economics, Nanning 530003, China)

Objective With the current level of technological advances, steganography can be easily steganalysed and information can be easily extracted illegally. Steganography based on modular function has other disadvantages. To overcome these disadvantages, this study presents the optimal parameterized binary modulo mapping steganographic algorithm. Method The information hiding parametric design is defined, and the security of the parametric information hiding algorithm is evaluated. The optimal parameterized binary modulo mapping steganographic algorithm is presented. The modulo operation result of the optimal combination of two pixel values is mapped to an n2-ary notational system by using the proposed algorithm. Result The proposed algorithm realizes that each secret digit in an n2-ary notational system is carried by two cover pixels. Conclusion Compared with other similar algorithms, the proposed method has stronger resistance to steganalysis and information extraction, better visual quality of stego image, tighter security, and higher practicability.