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汪悦1, 邓元凯1, 钱归平2(1.中国计量学院理学院数学系, 杭州 310018;2.浙江传媒学院新媒体学院, 杭州 310018)

摘 要
目的 提出一种网格实时编辑方法,以实现精确的参数化区域选择来对网格进行复制粘贴操作。方法 首先通过提供给用户的笔刷在网格上选择感兴趣区域,通过半边结构遍历和种子填充算法精确指定参数化区域;在遍历过程中加入一个距离场限制,然后使用平面中值坐标方法对被复制区域进行变形处理;最后将被复制区域和目标网格进行无缝融合,恢复3维形状。结果 本文方法能够对高曲率和凸长网格进行有效编辑,复制得到的模型能够符合需求,并且鲁棒稳定。结论 实验结果表明,泊松方程结合平面中值坐标的网格实时编辑方法,能够实现精确的参数化区域选择对网格进行复制粘贴操作。通过与已有的网格克隆方法相比较,该方法具有很好的鲁棒性并且效果良好。
Robust algorithm for real-time mesh geometric editing

Wang Yue1, Deng Yuankai1, Qian Guiping2(1.Department of Mathematics, China Jiliang University, Hangzhou 310018, China;2.College of New Media, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Hangzhou 310018, China)

Objective A robust real-time mesh editing approach is proposed, which allows us to select precise regions for parameterization, and realize seamless cloning of the 3D surface geometry. Method First we select the region of interest(ROI) using a paintbrush interface, and ascertain the region for parameterization by traversing the mesh using half edge structures combined with a seed fill algorithm. The distance limitation is attached from the center of paintbrush to the vertexes of the ROI. Then, the mean value coordinates without cage are used for shape deformation. Finally, the source mesh patch is cloned seamlessly onto a target mesh. Result Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms previous related mesh editing techniques on protuberant meshes with high curvature Furthermore, the method can be processed in real-time and it is rather robust. Conclusion Mesh editing approach using mean value coordinates combined with Poisson equation is robust and real-time capable, which allows us to select precise region for parameterization and realize seamless cloning of 3D surface geometry. It performs more robust compared with the existing mesh cloning methods.