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邱璇,黄靖,杨丰,邢栋,涂圣贤(南方医科大学生物医学工程学院, 广州 510515;莱顿大学医学中心放射科, 莱顿, 荷兰)

摘 要
Image enhancement based media-adventitia border detection in intravascular ultrasound images

Qiu Xuan,Huang Jing,Yang Feng,Xing Dong,Tu Shengxian(Biomedical Engineering School of Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510515, China;Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands)

An important challenge in the analysis of intravascular ultrasound images (IVUS) is the media-adventitia border detection. However, as a result of the inevitable artifact, plaque and imaging equipment effect, the target border always appears too fuzzy to be detected. In this paper, a new border detection method based on spatial-frequency domain image enhancement is proposed. The method uses enhancing processes in the spatial and xin the frequency domain during the detecting process. In the enhancing process, the directional filter band, neighborhood and histogram equalization are combined to overcome the defect of contrast reduction caused by directional filter and the defect of details vagueness caused by histogram equalization. Then in the detecting process, a heuristic graph-searching is applied to find the media-adventitia border by taking the enhanced image data matrix as the cost matrix. The experiment results show that the enhancing process not only strengthens the features of the media and adventitia greatly, but also improves the contrast and definition of the image. The graph-searching based on the enhanced results can detect the media-adventitia border accurately.The correct rate reached 92.76%.