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郭宝安1, 陈彪2, 张飚1, 于志强1, 张卫明2(1.航天信息股份有限公司, 北京 100195;2.中国科学技术大学信息科学技术学院, 合肥 230027)

摘 要
可逆信息隐藏在医学资料管理、法律取证等领域有广泛的应用。提出一种以AVS视频为载体的可逆信息隐藏算法,通过同时修改宏块的量化参数和DCT量化系数实现信息的嵌入。算法不仅在提取出嵌入信息后能完全恢复出原始载体视频,而且信息的嵌入不会对载体视频的视觉质量造成任何损失。为了解决算法引起的码率扩张问题,在RZL(reverse zerorun length)编码的基础上提出IRZL(improved RZL)编码方法。实验结果表明,新编码方法能有效抑制码率扩张。在中等及大嵌入率的情况下,IRZL编码比RZL编码的效果更好。
Complete video quality-preserving reversible data-hiding based on AVS

Guo Baoan1, Chen Biao2, Zhang Biao1, Yu Zhiqiang1, Zhang Weiming2(1.Aisino Corporation, Beijing 100195, China;2.University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230027, China)

Reversible data hiding has extensive applications in fields like medical data management and forensic material authentication.A new reversible data hiding algorithm using AVS video as cover is proposed in this paper.The secret information is embedded into the cover video by simultaneously modifying quantization parameter and quantized DCT coefficients of a macroblock.The original cover video can be completely recovered after the secret information is extracted,and moreover,the data embedding process brings no visual distortion to the cover video.In order to restrain the video bitrate increment caused by this algorithm,an improved reverse zerorun length(IRZL) coding strategy is applied.The experiment results indicate that the new strategy is quite effective in restraining bitrate increment.Under situation that embedding rate is large enough,IRZL coding is more effective than original reverse zero run length(RZL).