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卫薇1, 王忠武1, 汪承义1(中国科学院遥感应用研究所,北京 100101)

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A Quality Assessment for Remote Sensing Image Fusion


Integrating structural similarity and global quality measurement index, a new non-reference fusion quality assessment method for multispectral remote sensing imageries is proposed. First, the spectral quality is obtained from local spectral quality based on the weighting strategy of mean variable. Then, the spatial quality is achieved from local spatial quality based on the weighting strategy of standard deviation. Finally, a combined quality is calculated by linear addition. Validating experiment is carried out on eight common fusion methods using CBERS-02 multispectral and Cartosat-1 panchromatic images. The result shows the new method is consistent with the judgments based on human visual system, which indicates its efficiency.