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陈世红,王海(北京联合大学应用文理学院,北京 100083;北京林业大学,北京 100083)

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由于林木本身结构复杂,因此在模拟中几何模型的面片数多。如何在保证一定的视觉真实感的前提下,尽量简化场景模型,实现林木场景的快速绘制,一直是计算机图形学领域的热点问题。提出了一种适合包含大面积林木的自然场景漫游系统的实现方法,即利用3维建模软件3ds max构建场景模型,然后基于虚拟开发工具Open Scene Graph(OSG)实现场景的实时绘制和漫游。充分利用软件的特点和功能,实现了包含大面积林木的自然场景的漫游,同时还根据相交测试原理实现了漫游过程中的碰撞检测。实验结果表明,此系统具有较高的绘制速度,能满足包含大面积林木的自然场景实时漫游的要求,同时能达到一定的场景真实感。
Research and Implementation of Forest Scene Walkthrough System

CHEN Shi-hong1),WANG Hai2),CHEN Shi-hong1),WANG Hai2)()

The model of forestry scene normally contains a huge number of facets in simulation because of the complexity of the forest’s geometrical structure. How to simplify the model while keeping its visual effects to some degree is always a hot problem in the field of computer graphics. In this paper, an approach which fits the implementation of mass woods included natural scene walkthrough system is presented, which uses 3D modeling software 3ds max for scene model construction and uses OSG for real-time rendering and walkthrough. Taking good advantage of the existing software, this paper realized the walkthrough in mass woods included natural scene and the collision detection during walkthrough as well. Experimental results show that this system has high frame rate which meets the requirement of real-time walkthrough in mass woods including natural scene, while keeping good visual effects.