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王培珍1, 高尚义1, 程 健2(1.安徽工业大学电气信息学院,安徽 马鞍山 243002;2.安徽工业大学计算机学院,安徽 马鞍山 243002)

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A Detection Method of Primary Strip Surface Defect Based on Local Binary Pattern


Strip surface detection is one of the basic process of strip quality control, existing methods for strip surface detection couldn’t meet the accuracy and real-time capability for industrial spots. To solve these problems, in this paper, a detection method of primary strip surface defect based on the local binary pattern (LBP) algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the LBP values of each pixel in strip image are calculated by employing a fast LBP algorithm. Then by constructing the LBP histogram, the information of principal edge points belonging to different types of defection is obtained. After thresholding, the existence and the location of defect in the image are suggested. Experimental results show, the proposed method not only has higher accuracy and real-time capability on the primary strip surface defect detection, but also can offer reliable structural and statistical feature information for further defect classification.