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郑世友,费树岷,刘怀,龙飞(中航雷达与电子设备研究院第六研究室,无锡 214063;东南大学自动化研究所,南京 210096;南京师范大学电气与自动化工程学院,南京 210042)

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A Novel Approach to Moving Object Detection in Image Sequence Acquired by a Mobile Camera

ZHENG Shi-you, FEI Shu-min , LIU Huai , LONG Fei,ZHENG Shi-you, FEI Shu-min , LIU Huai , LONG Fei,ZHENG Shi-you, FEI Shu-min , LIU Huai , LONG Fei,ZHENG Shi-you, FEI Shu-min , LIU Huai , LONG Fei()

Moving object detection is a very significant and difficult problem in processing image sequence acquired by a mobile camera. The objective of this research is to present a novel method to resolve the moving target detection difficulties, which bring by several layers with different motion parameters of the sequence images. Considering a moving camera, it was hard to distinguish different motion layers led by 3D depth difference of immobile objects from those caused by target moving in scene. Firstly, a mixture model of image was proposed, and the method of motion segmentation based this model were suggested. Secondly, the reconstruction method of scene depth, which employed the motion parameters by EM, was presented. Finally, the detail theory and algorithm of new moving target detection approach, which were based on the scene 3D depth reconstruction, were described. The results indicate that the moving targets detected by the new technique are more accurate than those detected by traditional methods. In addition, the detection speed becomes more-much. The results seem to suggest that the new method be able to provide efficiency and accuracy advantages in computer version.