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瞿洋,江朝晖,冯焕清(中国科学技术大学电子科学与技术系,合肥 230026)

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An Algorithm for Lane Departure Detection Based on Scan line and Region Growing

QU Yang, JIANG Zhao-hui, FENG Huan-qing,QU Yang, JIANG Zhao-hui, FENG Huan-qing,QU Yang, JIANG Zhao-hui, FENG Huan-qing()

Driving fatigue is one of the main causes that result in highway crashes.The information from lane departure detection can evaluate the state of driving fatigue.This paper presents an algorithm combining scan line and region-growing method based on video images analysis,in which lane-marking recognition and driving deviation detection are realized.We use the region of interest(ROI) to figure out the current track of the driving vehicle,and give a frame disposal strategy concerning the track's parameter so as to meet the need for real time management.The result of our algorithm will provide necessary data for the future analysis of driving fatigue.