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贾振堂,贺贵明,韩艳芳(武汉大学软件工程国家重点实验室,武汉 430072;河南城建高等专科学校计算机工程系,平顶山 467001)

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A Fast Algorithm for Moving Video Object Segmentation

JIA Zhen tang,HE Gui Ming,HAN Yan Fang()

A fast moving object segment algorithm on moving video sequences is proposed. Firstly, the difference image is produced between two continuous frames which are filtered in advance by Gauss template. Then the author proposed "assimilation" filling technique and a template modification method employing dominant motion vector are applied to remove the uncovered background and get the final object template. The "assimilation" filling technique only fills the abruptly changed gap on the edge or the inner hole, while leaves the smoothing changed edge untouched. What need to do in the filling process is just to increase or decrease the coordinate, not involving multiplication and division operation, so it is very fast. A memory buffer of objects is maintained through the whole process to remedy the disfigurement of regions gotten from a single frame. The algorithm doesn't rely on a fixed background, and can remove uncovered background to get the accurate size of objects. The algorithm only uses two continuous frames to segment the moving object from background, not like the symmetrical difference based methods which make use of three frames. It is a simple, but fast and robust algorithm.