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陈波1, 赖剑煌1(中山大学数学与计算科学学院计算机视觉研究中心,广州 510275)

摘 要
图像分割和边界提取对于图像理解、图像分析、模式识别、计算机视觉等具有非常重要的意义,而活动轮廓模型(Active Contour Model)则是图像分割和边界提取的重要工具之一,它主要包括参数活动轮廓模型和几何活动轮廓模型两类。相对于参数活动轮廓模型,几何活动轮廓模型具有很多的优点,如计算的简单性和在变形的过程中能够处理曲线的拓扑变化,等等。近年来,几何活动轮廓模型在理论和应用方面的研究都有很大的发展,令人关注。为了使人们对这一技术有一概略了解,首先提出了一种新的分类方式用来描述参数活动轮廓模型、几何活动轮廓模型以及它们之间的联系,然后通过重点分析几个经典的活动轮廓模型及其算法实现来综述活动轮廓模型的研究、发展及其应用情况,最后指出了进一步进行活动轮廓模型理论与应用研究的方向。
Active Contour Models on Image Segmentation: A Survey


Image segmentation and boundary extraction are very important in the fields of image understanding,image analysis,pattern recognition and computer vision et al,while active contour model is one of the most important tools in the areas of image segmentation and boundary extraction which mainly includes parametric active contour model and geometric active contour model.Geometric active contour model has many advantages over parametric active contour model,such as computational simplicity and the ability to change curve topology during deformation,et al.Therefore,significant advances have been made in theories and applications of geometric active contour model recently.In order to show the general idea of this technique,a novel classified mode is developed to describe the parametric active contour model,geometric active contour model and the relationship between them at first in this paper.Moreover,by analyzing several classical active contour models,this paper summarizes the research,development and applications of active contour model.Finally,this paper points out future research orientations on the theories and applications research of active contour model.