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张红英1, 彭启琮1(电子科技大学通信与信息工程学院,成都 610054)

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A Survey on Digital Image Inpainting


Image inpainting is an important research topic in the area of image restoration.Its objective is to restore the lost information according to around image information,which can be used to restore old photo,remove text and conceal errors in videos.Based on many literatures of digital image inpainting,this paper attempts to make an overview of digital image inpainting.First,it describes image inpainting from mathematics background.Then two kinds of important image inpainting schemes are introduced in this paper: one is image inpainting based on the geometric image models;the other is image completion based on texture synthesis.The former is suitable to inpaint the small scale scratches in images and the latter is very good at completing the large objects.Then this paper demonstrates the applications of the two kinds of methods.At the end,the future trend of digital image inpainting is pointed out in personal opinion.