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曾艳阳,康凤举,杨惠珍(西北工业大学航海学院, 西安 710072;水下信息处理与控制国家重点实验室, 西安 710072)

摘 要
Fast rendering of realistic terrain based on adaptive multiple features fusion

Zeng Yanyang,Kang Fengju,Yang Huizhen(School of Marine Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072, China;National Key Laboratory of Underwater Information Process and Control, Xi'an 710072, China)

Focusing on the complex data structure of digital elevation model (DEM) and the poor rendering speed in real terrain visualization, we propose a fast rendering method based on adaptive multi-feature fusion for realistic terrains. To introduce the entropy of terrain elevation, real DEM elevation data can be extracted for generating an overall framework. According to the random midpoint displacement fractal algorithm and optimized fractal parameters, the high frequency detail can be increased. To calculate the distance threshold between the viewpoint and the terrain, this corresponds to the level of details (LOD), so that it can achieve adaptive scheduling. Additionally, by using the uncertainty determinant factor, the characteristics of the terrain profile can be updated. Finally, the algorithm is carried out using parallel processing, taking full advantage of the graphic processing unit (GPU) for accelerating the terrain rendering. The experimental results show that the generated terrain has higher fidelity and better real-time capabilily.