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王志民, 徐晓刚(海军大连舰艇学院装备系统与自动化系,大连 116018)

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A Survey on Electronic Image Stabilization

WANG Zhimin, XU Xiaogang(Department of Equipment System & Automatization,Dalian Naval Academy,Dalian 116018)

Electronic image stabilization(EIS)technique has been widely utilized for removing the unwanted motion fluctuations from video sequence.It is one of the primary development directions of the future image stabilization technique.This paper firstly introduces the basic principles of EIS and its architecture.After giving an overview of the state-of-the-art of key techniques including motion estimation,motion correction and image compensation in EIS,we list a number of general means to assess the performance of video stabilization process.Finally,the status about the application of EIS is summarized and its development trend is analyzed.Survey results show that EIS technique possesses promising application prospect and great market demand,as research on EIS technique has turn into engineering application.