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杨 进1, 闫冬梅2,3,4, 王 超2, 张 红2(1.装备指挥技术学院,北京 101416;2.中国科学院中国遥感卫星地面站,北京 100086;3;4.中国科学院自动化研究所,北京 100080)

摘 要
Feature Extraction of Attributed Scattering Centers on High Resolution SAR Imagery

YANG Jin1, YAN Dongmei2,3,4, WANG Chao2, ZHANG Hong2(1.The Academy of Equipment Command & Technology, Beijing 101416;2.China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station, Beijing 100086;3;4.Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080)

The attributed scattering center model is based on the solutions to both physical optics and the geometric theory of infraction. The model provides the characteristic feature of attributed scattering centers which can be well used in the target recognition. In order to get the feature on high resolution SAR Imagery, the attributed scattering center model is discussed and the method of extracting the feature of attributed scattering centers from a high resolution SAR image is researched in this paper. It is a parameter estimation method based on a SAR imagery. The method includes four steps: image segmentation, the selection of the model type, the estimate of initial value and the parameter optimization. The seven parameters of each scattering center can be obtained through above four steps. After the recurrence procession, the parameters of all the scattering centers in the imagery can be attained. At last, the validity and accuracy of this method can be demonstrated by the results of simulation.