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张 军, 黄英君, 代科学, 李国辉(国防科技大学信息系统与管理学院,长沙 410073)

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Decomposing SAR Image and Protecting Target Region for Compression

ZHANG Jun, HUANG Yingjun, DAI Kexue, LI Guohui(Department of System Engineering, School of Information System and Management, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073)

The bandwidth restricts airborne communication,so compression airborne SAR image with loss is a feasible way to enhance the real-time performance and image quantity. This paper proposed a SAR image compression strategy which extracts and protects target regions based on image decomposing technology. Firstly, the SAR image is decomposed into structure component and texture component. Then the target information is detected and classified from the texture component to construct ROI mask. Finally, the ROI mask is used to protect the important target information during compression by allocating more bits to it while reducing bit allocation to the residual.The experimental results indicate that the reconstructed image using the proposed approach has better visual effect than those processed by JPEG2000 arithmetic under the same bit rate.