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罗红根1, 朱利民1, 丁汉1(上海交通大学机器人研究所,上海 200030)

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A Survey on Image Segmentation Using Active Contour and Level Set Method


Image segmentation is a classical and crucial problem in the fields of computer vision and image understanding. This paper gives a review on the variation based active contour model and level set method developed in recent years for image segmentation. The basic ideas of three types of active contour models, i. e. , edge based, region based and edge- region based models, are presented, their advantages and disadvantages are summarized, and a number of improvements are analyzed in detail. The level set method, which is numerically stable and capable of describing the topology change of the contour, is briefly introduced as an advanced numeric algorithm to solve these models. Finally, the potential application of active contour in image registration is discussed.