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朱文武1, 王鑫1, 田永鸿2, 高文2(1.清华大学计算机系, 北京 100084;2.北京大学计算机学院, 北京 100871)

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过去10年中涌现出大量新兴的多媒体应用和服务,带来了很多可以用于多媒体前沿研究的多媒体数据。多媒体研究在图像/视频内容分析、多媒体搜索和推荐、流媒体服务和多媒体内容分发等方向均取得了重要进展。与此同时,由于在深度学习领域所取得的重大突破,人工智能(artificial intelligence,AI)在20世纪50年代被正式视为一门学科之后,迎来了一次“新”的发展浪潮。因此,一个问题就自然而然地出现了:当多媒体遇到人工智能时会带来什么?为了回答这个问题,本文通过研究多媒体和人工智能之间的相互影响引入了多媒体智能的概念。从两个方面探讨多媒体与人工智能之间的相互影响:一是多媒体促使人工智能向着更具可解释性的方向发展;二是人工智能反过来为多媒体研究注入了新的思维方式。这两个方面形成了一个良性循环,多媒体和人工智能在其中不断促进彼此发展。本文对相关研究及进展进行了讨论,并围绕值得进一步探索的研究方向分享见解。希望可以对多媒体智能的未来发展带来新的研究思路。
Multimedia intelligence:the convergence of multimedia and artificial intelligence

Zhu Wenwu1, Wang Xin1, Tian Yonghong2, Gao Wen2(1.Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China;2.School of Computer Science, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China)

Multimedia can be regarded as an integration of various medium such as videos,static images,audios,and texts.Thanks to the rapid development of emerging multimedia applications and services,a huge amount of multimedia data has been generated to advance multimedia research.Furthermore,multimedia research has made great progress in image/video processing and analysis,including search,recommendation,streaming,and content delivery.Since artificial intelligence (AI) became an official academic discipline in the 1 950 s,it has experienced a "new" wave of boost based on deep learning techniques.Its development has been witnessed in the past decades,including expert systems,intelligent search and optimization,symbolic and logical reasoning,probabilistic methods,statistical learning methods,artificial neural networks,etc.As such,a natural question arises: "What will happen when multimedia meets AI?" To answer this question,we introduce the concept of multimedia intelligence by investigating the mutual influences between multimedia and AI.Multimedia drives AI towards a more explainable paradigm,because semantic information is able to enhance the explainability of AI models.At the same time,AI is beneficial for multimedia technology to pocess the advanced ability of reasoning.AI promotes the human-like perception and reasoning processes,which can lead to more inferable multimedia processing and analizing techniques.These mutual influences form a loop in which multimedia and AI interactively enhance each other.To sum up,we discuss the recent advances in literature and share our insights on future research directions deserving further study.We hope this paper can bring new inspirations for future development of multimedia intelligence.