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何国辉,周聪(五邑大学计算机学院, 江门 529000)

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将3D可视化技术应用于输电线路管理是当前电力信息化的发展方向。地球是一个不规则椭球体,很难计算出杆塔挂点在地球空间的坐标,因此无法真实、准确地表达线路与杆塔挂点的连接情况。为此,结合大量分析和研究,提出了一种基于Google Earth的杆塔空间挂点计算方法,并应用于所开发的输电线路管理系统中。实践表明,该方法具有计算简单、空间定位精度高、线路与挂点连接逼真等特点,能够满足现有应用的要求。
Tower hanging point calculation for transmission lineon three-dimensional visualization

He Guohui,Zhou Cong(School of Computer Science, Wuyi University, Jiangmen 529000, China)

Using three-dimensional(3D) visualization technology to realize the management of transmission lines is a current developing direction on electric power information. However, the Earth is an irregular ellipsoid, which makes it hard to work out the coordinates in world space on the tower hanging point. Furthermore, it cannot truly describe the connecting condition between lines and tower hanging point. For these reasons, on the basis of analysis and research, we provide a hanging point calculating method that use the tower space of Google Earth as a starting point. The method is applied to the developed transmission line management system. With the characteristic of simple calculation, high precision, as well as having a real connection line and hanging point, etc. This method can meet the requirements of existing applications.