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赵焕利,王玉德,张学志,薛乃玉(曲阜师范大学物理工程学院, 曲阜 273165)

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Face recognition based on wavelet transform and weighted fusion of face features

Zhao Huanli,Wang Yude,Zhang Xuezhi,Xue Naiyu(Physics and Engineering College of QuFu Normal University, QuFu 273165, China)

Obtain appropriate low-dimension face features is an important problem in the area of face recognition. Traditional face recognition algorithms based on wavelet transform extract image features using only the low frequency components for classification, which results in the loss of information,which could be used for face recognition. In order to effectively extract the face image features, a new algorithm of face recognition based on wavelet transform and weighted fusion of features is proposed in this study. First, the wavelet transform is used to reduce the dimensionality; then,the features of the four wavelet sub-graphs are extracted by a principal component analysis (PCA), and the features of the four parts are fused into discriminant features. Finally, the features are classified and recognized by SVM. Experimental results on the ORL face database show that the proposed algorithm achieves a recognition accuracy of 97.5 percent, so the new algorithm can effectively improve the face recognition ability. It has a higher recognition accuracy than traditional methods.