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章毓晋(清华大学电子工程系, 北京 100084)

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Image Engineering in China: 2009

ZHANG Yujin(Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, 100084 Beijing)

This is the fifteenth annual bibliographies in the survey series on image engineering in China. The purpose of this survey work is mainly to capture the up-to-date development of image engineering in China, to provide a convenient means of literature searching facility for readers working in related areas, and to supply a useful reference for the editors of journals and potential authors of papers. Considering the wide distribution of related publications in China, 1008 references on image engineering research and technique are selected carefully from 3604 research papers published in 134 issues of a set of 15 Chinese journals. These 15 journals are considered as important journals in which papers concerning image engineering have higher quality. Those selected references are classified first into 5 categories (image processing, image analysis, image understanding, technique application and survey), and then into 23 specialized classes according to their main contents (same as last year). Some analysis and discussions about the statistics made on the results of classifications by journal and by category are also presented. This work shows a general and off-the-shelf picture of the various progresses of image engineering in China in 2009, it should be pointed out particularly that, in 2009 the number of research papers for image engineering, published in the above 15 journals still maintains an increase and attends a new high stage in the history. A strong tendency of continuing development of image engineering in China is clearly visible. In addition, taking the opportunity of 15th year of survey, some further statistics and analyses on the selections of publications and numbers of publications in all categories are provided on the basis of dividing the 15 years into three “five-year” separately. Thus, the readers could obtain even more complete and reliable information than before.