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冯其强,黄桂平,李广云(信息工程大学测绘学院工程测量教研室,郑州 450052)

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Auto-matching of Artificial Target Points in Industrial Photogrammetry Based on Space Intersection

FENG Qi-qiang, HUANG Gui-ping, LI Guang-yun,FENG Qi-qiang, HUANG Gui-ping, LI Guang-yun,FENG Qi-qiang, HUANG Gui-ping, LI Guang-yun()

Aiming at a chieving fast automatic matching of artificial target points in digital close range photogrammetry, a new matching method basing on two-image space intersection is presented in this paper, taking into account the epipolar line constraint in object space.Firstly, a set of initially matched image points is found by calibrating the shortest distance between two image rays.Secondly, the coordinate of corresponding object point is calculated through two-image space intersection, and these points are grouped according to the distances between each other.Finally, eliminate those image points with high vate of coordinate errors and which is in the same image, and find out homologous image points by numbers of image points corresponding with object points.Both experiences prove the advantage of the matching method, which is high speed, high matching quotient and low miss matching quotient.It can also provide precise initial values for the following bundle adjustment.