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王宇1, 陈殿仁1, 沈美丽2, 吴戈1(1.长春理工大学电子信息工程学院,长春 130022;2.青岛理工大学理学院,青岛 266033)

摘 要
Watershed Segmentation Based on Morphological Gradient


A watershed segmentation method combining multiscale morphological gradient reconstruction with marker extraction is proposed. Considering the idea of multiscale, this method employs different sizes of structure elements to reconstruct morphological gradient image and extracts markers of regional minima from each gradient image by using thresholds. The union set of a series of marker images is regarded as the final marker image. Then the markers are used to modify morphological gradient image. Finally, the watershed transformation of the marker modified gradient image is performed to achieve the regional segmentation of the image. Experimental results show that this method can effectively avoid over segmentation of watershed algorithm and maintain important objects at different scales. Furthermore, better segmentation results can be achieved by adjusting the chosen parameters during segmentation process according to the features of the image and specific requirements.