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陈功,王唐,周荷琴(中国科学技术大学自动化系,合肥 230027)

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A Novel Physics based Method for Restoration of Foggy Day Images

CHEN Gong,WANG Tang,ZHOU Heqin,CHEN Gong,WANG Tang,ZHOU Heqin,CHEN Gong,WANG Tang,ZHOU Heqin()

Scene visibility is very low in foggy days We need to defog the surveillance video to make sure the intelligent visual surveillance system work normally According to optics theory, the reduction of scene visibility is exponential to the scene depth The defog effect of existing modelbased methods are not good enough In this paper, a new physicsbased method of image restoration is presented This method models scene points in foggy day firstly Then the scene depth is calculated for two images which are captured in clear day and foggy day respectively Image or video taken in foggy day is restored using depth information finally The experiments demonstrate the effectiveness and practicality of this method