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张登荣,刘绍华,毛天露,王超(浙江大学地球科学系、空间信息技术研究所,杭州 310027;中国科学院遥感应用研究所,北京 100101)

摘 要
An Algorithm of Automatic Creation of Topological Relation and Its Application of Fast Color Fill between Contours

ZHANG Deng rong,LIU Shao hua,MAO Tian lu,WANG Chao()

A new method of automatic creation of topological relation between contours by constructing the\n“topologic contain binary tree”is discussed in this paper,and based on the binary tree data structure a fast color fill application is proposed to commendably realize the vector effect of contour color fill graph in random scale,random height interval,random boundaries surroundings.From the relationship between boundary lines and contours,the topologic relation among contours can be built and stored in the tree structure.Such a topologic structure displays the linking and closing between boundary lines and unclosed contours,the nesting among closed contours in the order of tree rings.It is successfully applied in visualization and automatically mapping of submarine topographic data observed by multibeam, and it overcomes the insufficiency of contour mapping produced by common algorithm,especially conquers the inconsistency between color blocks and contours produced by mapping software for multibeam postprocessing.