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桑红石,袁雅婧,张天序(华中科技大学图像识别与人工智能研究所,武汉 430074)

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Non-uniformity correction of infrared focal plane array based on motion guidance

Sang Hongshi,Yuan Yajing,Zhang Tianxu()

Aiming at solving the target fade-out and ghosting problems widely existed in the scene-based correction algorithms of infrared focal plane array (IRFPA), a new adaptive correction algorithm based on motion guidance is proposed. Firstly, a background image and bad-cell template is prepared for the real-time correction. Next, a variable iterative step instead of a constant step in the steepest descent method is employed and adaptively adjusted according to the temporal variance. Finally, the gain correction coefficients are updated under the direction of variable iterative step and motion information, and then the image is corrected by the updated coefficients. The experimental results using real IRFPA infrared images show that the developed algorithm can not only effectively solve ghosting problems and inhibit the target fade out, but also eliminate the fixed-pattern noise well.