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刘世光,张翔,吴婧婷,孙济洲,彭群生(天津大学计算机科学与技术学院,天津 300072;浙江大学CAD&CG国家重点实验,杭州 310027)

摘 要
Gray-scale image colorization based on the control of single-parameter

Liu Shiguang,Zhang Xiang,Wu Jingting,Sun Jizhou,Peng Qunsheng(Tianjin Univ.)

Gray-scale image colorization is a hot topic in both computer graphics and image processing. It can be widely applied in film and television production, digital photo editing, animation industry, etc. A great number of user interactions, which greatly reduces the efficiency of colorization, are involved in conventional methods to achieve clustering of the gray-scale image or the matching between the gray-scale image and the source image. This paper presents a novel gray-scale image colorization method based on the control of single-parameter. Firstly, colorization model based on the theory of analytic geometry is presented. Secondly, based on the linear regression method, we calculate the polynomial fitting model of the histograms of the source image and the gray-scale image respectively. After users input the order of the polynomials, the clustering and matching of the source image and the grayscale images could be achieved automatically. Finally, the colorization is realized by transferring the color of source image to its corresponding area of the gray-scale image. This method greatly eliminates the user interactions, making the process of colorization more convenient and efficient.