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吴军,刘祺昌,黄明益(桂林电子科技大学 电子工程与自动化学院)

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Preliminary Exploration on the Construction of Urban Video Real-Scene Map

wujun,Liu Qichang,huang Mingyi()

This paper presents a preliminary exploration on the construction of Urban Video Real-Scene Map (UVRSM). With the ability of unified expression of information both in three-dimensional space and time dimension, UVRSM has important significance value for the construction of urban stereo monitoring system, the development of Internet map products and the implementation of future "Real-Scene China Construction” strategy. From the point of view of Enhanced Virtual Environment (AVE) technology, this paper proposes to construct the UVRSM by integrating panoramic video and geographic three-dimensional models. To this end, the technologies and methods involved in panoramic camera calibration, panoramic video geo-registration, automatic video texture mapping and real-time rendering, are comprehensively discussed and some valuable research ideas and schemes are given as well.Finally, it points out that the construction of UVRSM is a new topic worthy of study and will strongly promote the development of Internet and AI frontier technology. With the advent of 5G era, the problem of network bandwidth restricting the application of UVRSM will be solved and it is expected to bring trillions of market opportunities to UVRSM related domains or industries..